KarpaTon na BBC

WAW!!! …o KarpaTone hovorili na BBC….a hrali aj našu skladbu, ktorú sme odohrali na World Music Festivale v Bratislave 2017 (WMFB) na Hlavnom námestí… od cca 42.minúty...

More info in Slovak language


KarpaTon is a long-term music project of Michal Smetanka and Eduard Fertáľ connecting interesting and original musicians dedicated to the interpretation of folk, articifial, jazz and alternative music resuting in the world music genre. Particularly characteristic for KarpaTon is the exclusive acoustic expression, irredeemable due to the variable use of numerous ethnic musical instruments originating in regions from Carpathians through Eurasia to the musical armamentarium of world exotic cultures. Compositions, edits and improvisations in performances have roots in the traditional Carpathian songs, mostly those Slovak and Ruthenian ones. Another characteristic is the exclusive use of native, traditional lyrics reproduced in a new, unconventional way.